Sun-Grown Rewards Program

  • Are my free gifts/products refundable or exchangeable?

    Free products earned through Sun-Grown Rewards are not eligible for refund or exchange. Be sure to stay up-to-date with our Sun-Grown Rewards page as free gifts are subject to change at any time.
  • Can I earn Coins by buying Neurogan products at a retailer or a store?

    Coins can only be earned on purchases made through while you’re logged into your Sun-Grown Rewards account.
  • Do purchases made prior to my rewards opt-in count towards my point earnings?

    You’re only eligible to receive Coins on purchases after you’ve signed up for Sun-Grown Rewards, but you can earn +100 Coins today just by signing up.
  • Do the Neurogan Coins or the coupon codes for my rewards expire?

    Yes, all rewards and Coins expire within 6 months and are no longer eligible for use.
  • How can I earn Coins with my product reviews?

    To earn Coins for reviewing a product, you must first have a Neurogan account that you’ve purchased a product with or be signed up for our Sun-Grown Rewards program. 7 days after you’ve made a purchase, you’ll receive an email asking you to review your recent purchase. You can only earn Coins for...
  • How do I earn Coins?

    For every dollar you spend as a Sun-Grown Rewards member, you’ll earn Neurogan Coins – and, you’ll earn even more Coins per dollar as you progress through the rewards tiers: seed, sprout, plant. As a thank you for joining Sun-Grown Rewards, you’ll receive +100 Neurogan Coins when you sign up. Th...
  • How do I redeem my Neurogan Coins?

    Earn Neurogan Coins: You can view your Neurogan Coins at any time in your Sun-Grown Rewards account panel, here. Earned Coins reflect the order subtotal excluding coupons, discounts, store credits, and gift certificates. Spend Neurogan Coins at checkout: If you’re logged into your rewards accoun...
  • How do I sign up?

    If you have a current customer account with Neurogan, you would automatically have been granted access to Sun-Grown Rewards. You can log in via the Sun-Grown Rewards panel here or through My Account here. If you do not have a current customer account with Neurogan, you can create an account and ...
  • Is Sun-Grown Rewards available to customers outside the US?

    Sun-Grown Rewards is only available to customers in the United States.
  • Is there a limit to the number of Neurogan Coins I can earn?

    There is no limit to the number of Coins you can earn, however, unused Coins and rewards expire after 6 months.
  • What are the Sun-Grown Reward tiers and how do they work?

    You’ll level-up through Sun-Grown Reward tiers based on the number of Coins you earn. Redeem Neurogan Coins at any time, on all products during checkout. Tier 1 - Seed (0 - 1600 Coins): When you sign up for an account or join, you’ll enter into the seed tier. Here, you’ll enjoy: 10% back on all ...
  • What benefits will I receive as part of Sun-Grown Reward?

    Redeem Coins at checkout: Redeem your earned Coins on all products at check-out, no minimum purchases and no shipping fees. Rewards: Each tier of Sun-Grown Rewards will unlock benefits such as free products, early access to sales, and more. When you enter a new tier, you’ll receive an email noti...
  • What happens to my earned Coins If I cancel my order?

    Cancelled or refunded orders are not eligible for Coins and earned Coins from these purchases will be removed from your account after your order is cancelled.
  • What If I accidentally used a different email at checkout, do I still get my Coins?

    If you find yourself in this predicament, contact our support team at with your order number, the email used for the order, and your rewards email, and we’ll assist you in assigning the Coins manually.
  • What is Neurogan Sun-Grown Rewards?

    Sun-Grown Rewards is Neurogan’s exclusive rewards program with three loyalty tiers. For every dollar spent, you’ll earn +10 Neurogan Coins and progress through the tiers of the Sun-Grown Rewards: seed, sprout, plant. Gain the opportunity to get up to 20% back on all purchases, redeeming Coins alo...
  • When do I see my Coin adjustments?

    Your Coins can be viewed in the Sun-Grown Rewards panel here or through My Account here. Expect an email confirmation any time you’ve taken a new action or earned Coins.